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About Us

We are a dedicated Approved Medical Deputising Service provider for Afterhours Home visits. The organisation is proudly owned and operated by General Practitioners with extensive experience in health care services and general practice.
We are honoured to be supported by a group of specialists who have had long-term private practices. Our mission is to provide the patients of GP Practices in the Brisbane area with the highest quality health care afterhours service. We achieve this through a team of dedicated and experienced doctors supported by a team of experienced nursing and administration staff


Opportunities are available for patients and others to tell us, ‘How we are doing” we collect systematic patient & GP Practice experience feedback at least every 3 years.
We invite your feedback about our services, please put your thoughts in writing and forward to our Office.

Your Rights

Patients & GP Practices have a ‘right to complain’ and where possible patients and others are encouraged to raise any concerns directly with the team who are trained to make sure patients feel confident that any feedback or complaints made will be handled appropriately and confidentially.
If you feel unhappy with some aspect of your care or patients’ care, please contact our office that will investigate your complaint. If you still feel there is a problem, you may contact the Health Rights Commission – Ph 3234 0272 , GPO Box 3089, Brisbane Q 4001

Management of personal information

Our patients’ personal information is used or disclosed only for primary purposes that directly relate to their on-going health care. In the interests of the highest quality and continuity of health care, this may include sharing information with other health care providers who comprise the patient’s medical team. We need written permission to release patient information to any other third party.